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Arrested: More specifically, it indicates when the individual was arrested, and the crime he or she was accused of. Although an arrest is not an indication of guilt, arrest records can still be used to learn about the type of accused offense. 

Terry Frank Adcock
  Sex Offender
Placed  under a $250,000 bond for a sexual assault against a child .Sheriff’s Deputy arrested Lorenzo Reyes Salas, age 63, on 5 counts of indecent liberties with a  child       News Story : Sex Offender

violent crimes

Violent Crimes, Gallery

A violent crime or crime of violence is a crime in which an offender uses or threatens force upon a victim. We keep a gallery of the most violent that accrues in Columbus County
Today's News Story : Violent Crimes

drugs bad
Major Drug Bust
The War on Drugs has been waged for quite sometime now, but there seems to be no end to the illicit drug trade in sight. Not when drug lords dominate countries ---------News Story : Major Drug Bust Gallery

Major Theft Gallery

He broke into a residence on Old Stake Road in Tabor City. The victim was home during the incident. He was seen kicking a four week old kitten
                               News Story : Major theft Gallery

Local Accident Gallery
We will place the local accident news as it happens with pictures or videos. We will place the local accident news. News Story : Accidents Gallery

DUI And DWI Gallery
Impaired driving is dangerous. It's the cause of more than half of all car crashes We collect the local news. Mr. Frances Baldwin now will serve 132 to 171 months in a North Carolina prison for killing a man riding a motorcycle . His DUI Related Crimes News Story

Fires County WideLocal Fires Gallery
We place the local fire news as it happens with pictures or videos.
Today's The Fire News Fire Gallery

Animal ControlAnimal Control
We will place the local control news as it happens with pictures or videos. Keep update with the most critical events. Animal Control Update Gallery