Arson; Three Arrested

Arson is the crime of intentionally and maliciously setting fire to buildings.

arson Columbus County

Columbus County Sheriff arrested three people, for intentionally setting three structure fires, with two at the same location on Carl Stephens Road. Columbus County Fire Marshall and the Sheriff’s Office investigated the three fires and charged Joshua Michael Sutton 16, and  Zachary Paul McPherson 17, for the crimes. McPherson was a volunteer junior firefighter for Brunswick Fire Department. The third person involved is a juvenile.They have been booked under a $150,000 secured bond, for three felony counts of burning an unoccupied building and 3 felony counts of breaking and entering.

Columbus County Sheriff was called to a structure fire at 58 Carl Stephens Road in Whiteville on April 11, where it was determined that an interior portion of the residence had been intentionally set on fire.
On April 13, deputies responded to the same address in the early morning hours. The unoccupied home had been intentionally set on fire again, this time resulting in a complete loss of the structure.
Then on April 14, they were called to 2064 Carl Stephens Road in Clarendon a day later, and the structure fire was determined to be a total loss.