Wanted For Non Support

Columbus County Non Support
The following people are wanted in Columbus County for outstanding Child Support Orders for Arrest. These are in alphabetical order with purge amount owed.
 As of  March 6 at 10:45am

Curtis Daniel Allen (Whiteville) $450.00
Alvin Kelly Austin (Whiteville) $7,260.79
Ronald Edwin Baker Jr. (Whiteville) $5,248.26
Jose Manuel Baltazar (Whiteville) $1,408.00
Morice Terick Barden (Fair Bluff) $564.00
Michael L. Beck (Nakina) $11,854.89
Edward Lee Bellamy (Whiteville) $1,768.60
Julian Ray Benson (Whiteville) $520.10
Eliya Antwon Torell Best (Whiteville) $2,814.67; $473.92; $468.96
Justine Ann Boone (Chadbourn) $1,830.00
Kendall Ramon Brown (Riegelwood) $122.98
James Patrick Carter (Evergreen) $2,129.54
Melissa Clemmons Cartrette (Chadbourn) $400.00
Brian Dale Cribb (Clarendon) $5,684.05
Tyrone Maurice Dawson (Evergreen) $11,027.82
Michael Ray Cottle (Delco) $5,000.00
Frankie Delynn Dossie (Cerro Gordo) $25,535.56
Terry Delane Dudley (Chadbourn) $7,210.22
John Irven Eady (Whiteville) $100.00
Connell Maurice Faulk (Whiteville) $39,391.49
Terrance Lashawn Flowers (Chadbourn) $4,240.45; $730.00; $1,650.00
Kenneth Erwin Gibson (Chadbourn) $1,000.00; $950.00
Dwin Oquinn Gore (Whiteville) $1,964.00
Kevin Graham (Cerro Gordo) $350.00
Lorenzo Q Green (Tabor City) $328.00
Marshall Van Griffin (Tabor City) $1,182.50
Mark Everett Hamilton (Delco) $13,287.00
Ronnie Joe Hardee (Tabor City) $350.00; $500.00
David Earl Hardie (Evergreen) $2,201.42
Leroy Haynes Jr. (Tabor City) $3,190.50
Joseph Lester Hill (Whiteville) $4,082.45
Garrett Femendo Howard (Hallsboro) $1,000.00
Keith Howard (Whiteville) $19,173.34
Joseph Henry Howell (Delco) $864.32
Eugene Hunter (Whiteville) $6,127.72
Steven Lamont Ingraham (Whiteville) $13,095.41; $11,974.66
Bryant Kendell Jacobs (Bolton) $1,000.00
Lowell L. Jacobs (Tabor City) $605.00
Darin Andre Lee Jenrette (Tabor City) $903.78
Stephen Earl Jenrette II (Whiteville) $5,331.00
Emanuel Jones (Whiteville) $31,994.28
Shamar Davone Keaton (Riegelwood) $150.00
Darren Digel Lacewell (Riegelwood) $17,745.37
Samdrick Long (Tabor City) $16,815.88
Shayne Neil Manning (Whiteville) $6,265.00
Terrence Vincent Maxfield (Whiteville) $1,225.00; $2,275.00
John Lewis McCray (Clarendon or Whiteville) $440.00
Anthony Jerome McKellar (Cerro Gordo) $1,677.65
Johnathan Lamar McKinney (Whiteville) $384.19; $393.81
James Ernest McKinnis (Whiteville) $1,925.00
Robert Tyree McKoy (Bolton) $6,040.00
Hamilton Brock McMillan (Bolton) $51,678.00
Henry Luther Mintz (Hallsboro) $400.00
Colby Andrew Mitchell (Lake Waccamaw) $4,915.53
James Matthew Montgomery (Fair Bluff) $2,611.14
Marry E. Moore (Tabor City) $6,898.46
Travis Mondale Moore (Clarendon) $428.00; $803.45
Danny Lee Nobles (Tabor City) $901.45
Andrew Gene Patrick (Delco) $9,552.92
Billy Burt Phillips (Whiteville) $1,500.00
Joseph Wayne Price (Whiteville) $5,588.00
Deonde Qwabe Sadler (Whiteville) $2,094.93
David Allen Savage (Cerro Gordo) $39,344.44; $212.13
Michael Twain Savage (Whiteville) $9,262.15
Steven Deandra Shipman (Chadbourn) $240.00
Jessica Renee Singletary (Chadbourn) $880.00
Rodney Donayre Smith (Tabor City) 542.81
William Eugene Smith Jr. AKA William Smith II (Whiteville) $1,100.00
Regina Spaulding (Whiteville) $2,589.19
Lewis Elton Stanley (Tabor City) $8,491.93
Demitris Lashard Tart (Chadbourn) $5,526.96
Demez Antwon Thompson (Whiteville) $1,288.46;$3,008.46
Quinton Rashon Thurman (Whiteville) $2,751.62
Terrence Waber Todd (Clarendon) $714.22
Ted Leverne Walker (Whiteville) $1,000.00
Quintez Barry Ward (Fair Bluff) $13,976.00; $5,073.19
Tommy Lee Walters Jr. (Cerro Gordo) $11,963.88
Joseph Ray Watts (Tabor City) $35,947.13
William Eugene Whaley (Tabor City) $42,017.35
Randy Debril Wilson (Bolton) $150.00

If you have information as to the whereabouts of any of these people, please call the Columbus County Sheriff's Office at 910-642-6551.