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William King of Whiteville, NC

Theft Ring

William “Billy” King, 69, of  Whiteville was arrested and charged by North Carolina SBI. The Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office said they have arrested eleven people after a several month long Investigation of  a the crimes span that lasted close to 10 years.
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Investigator Jamie Seales with the sheriff’s office said over $400,000 worth of property has been recovered including tractors, mowers, trailers, heavy machinery, fuel tanks, ATVs, farm equipment, lawn care equipment and tree cutting and tree climbing gear.

Investigator Seales said the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office, SLED, Bennettsville Police Department, Hartsville police, Darlington County Sheriff’s Office,  Florence County Sheriff’s Office, Florence Police Department, DNR, Cheraw police, the SBI and Whiteville PD all worked on the investigation.

According to the press release, the defendants are as follows:

David Ray Jackson, 68, of Bennettsville, was charged with four counts of conspiracy, two counts of chop Shop, five counts of receiving stolen goods, eight counts of accessory before the fact and five counts of accessory after the fact.

David Jay Jackson, 38,  of Bennettsville, son of David Ray Jackson, was charged with four counts of receiving stolen goods, one count of conspiracy, and one count with accessory after the fact.

Frankie Eugene Jackson, 66, of Bennettsville, who is the brother of David Ray Jackson and uncle of David Jay Jackson, was charged with receiving stolen goods $10,000 or more.

Jamie Truett Gray, 36, of  Bennettsville, was charged with four counts of receiving stolen goods, two counts of conspiracy and nine counts of grand larceny.

Wilbur David Berry, 55, of  Latta, and former step father of Jamie Truett Gray, was charged with three counts of receiving stolen goods $10,000 or more.

Sandy Miller 42, of Chesterfield, was charged with conspiracy and receiving stolen goods $10,000 or more.

Johnny Walker Britt, 34, of Bennettsville, was charged with two counts of conspiracy, accessory after the fact and four counts of receiving stolen goods. Miller and Britt were co-workers at American Mechanical and Piping in Cheraw.

Michael Wayne Summerford, 46, of  Latta, who is father in law to Johnny Walker Britt, was charged for receiving stolen goods and accessory after the fact.

Christopher J. Carter, 24, of Bennettsville, was charged with eight counts of grand larceny, five counts of conspiracy, one count of MIPP and burglary.

Jackson Milton Hayes, 27, of Pamplico, was charged with conspiracy, two counts of grand larceny and burglary. Carter and Hayes were formerly employed by David Ray Jackson and David Jay Jackson, investigators say.

William “Billy” King, 69, of  Whiteville was arrested and charged by North Carolina SBI.

All defendants have been arrested at various times during the case and are either out on bond or a bond has been set.

This investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone with information or anyone who has any property obtained from any of the defendants that you may now be suspicious about, is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 843-479-5605.

Bar, Whiteville News Bar

Bar, Whiteville News Bar