Our government is removing or lowering pain medication from everyone by our local doctors. Watch the  drugs sales through the local dealers increase and more people hurt.

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Arrested With Meth

Ciro Alfonso Lazo and Sofia Chicas Romera, of Durham, were caught with 1.125 kilograms of meth and arrested in Whiteville N.C. in 2015.
They were taken to Columbus County Detention Center under $1 million secured bonds.

Mr Romero's 5-year-old child  was placed with the  Child Protective Services In Columbus County. This child witnessed the drama of it's parents arrest.
This is the evil power of meth
This is the evil power of meth

A true life story.
My children lost their dad . He was 46 years old and died of a massive heart attack due to complications of Meth use. Our kids are a son age 13 years and twins (boy/girl) age 14 years. Vinny also has two boys over the age of 18. I will not post their names unless or until I get their permission.

This page will be used to tell Vinny's story and how our children lost their dad as Meth sent the Angel of Death after him. It is in hopes that this page helps save the lives of other parents so that their children do not bury them at such a young age and due to such a horrible addiction. My children gave me their blessing on this and said that if it saves ONE child from loosing their parent that it's worth it.

Some photos on the site may be considered morbid to some as I am posting some of Vinny's photos a few minutes after he passed away as it was the kids last chance to take a picture with their dad. Even though he was a Meth user our children LOVE him dearly each day and miss him eternally.

Have kids and use Meth? You have two choices... stop and live for your kids or continue using and your kids will be burying you at a young age.

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drug crimes
Been Arrested in North Carolina

it's possible for you to be charged under a number of different statutes:

  1. Misdemeanor Drug Laws
  2. Felony Drug Laws
  3. Felony Drug Trafficking Laws
  4. Federal Drug Laws and Federal Drug Trafficking Laws

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