Raven Alexandrea White

Raven Alexandrea White

To the original news story
Further investigation has revealed a shocking truth about the boating death of a Columbus County Teen 

Raven Alexandrea White

Columbus County medical examiner’s report lists “drowning” as the probable cause of death. After a review the  toxicology report came back revealing Raven had actually succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning coming from the running motor at the back of the boat. This truth is smoothing we all must be aware of and share with others. The back of the boat is dangerous.

Another Tragedy

Ally Richards, 2, and her brother Charlie, 4, sit on the swim step of the family boat, where they were overcome by carbon monoxide during a family ski outing.

After rushing their two young children to the emergency room with carbon monoxide poisoning, Rick and Nan Richards want other parents to know of a danger they had no idea was lurking at the back of their ski boat.