Columbus Counties Crimes against the public.
Columbus County
 we have a problem in our court system.
and the Department of Corrections.

 Tommy Lee Benton, 20, of Pleasant Hill Road near Chadbourn; and Mitchell Douglas Cheatham, 20, of White Plains Church Road near Council in Bladen County; are both charged with murder arson and robbery of McDonald's of Tabor City, N.C

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"Presumption of Innocence"
We consider all innocent until proven guilty by law. God knows and punishes forever.
100 Sex Offenders
Living beside you.

Whiteville NC Crimes, Aaron Kelly
Police today arrested Mr. Kelly, 19, for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill while inflicting serious injury. November-2015
Whiteville NC Crimes, Diondi Sadler, 22, was taken into custody and charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, larceny of a firearm, and assault on a female.
Wendell Hardie murder / Whiteville NC Crimes, Wendell Hardie age 42

Here in Whiteville this man has been charged in the death of his children's mother after a Gun fight in 
her home.

Whiteville NC Crimes, Brandon Ra’shawn James has been charged with murder.Authorities say a man shot and killed another young man in a shootout in a parking lot after midnight.

crimes columbus county, Leslie Wayne Jester
Leslie Wayne Jester

Stealing has been his livelihood. He a habitual  felon now to spend 20 years plus in N.C. State Prison.
 Whiteville NC Crimes, Nathan Elisha Tyler Jr Nathan Elisha Tyler Jr
One of three people are charged in the death of a Brunswick County woman missing for more than two weeks before her body was found last Wednesday.