Columbus Counties Crimes against the public.
Columbus County
Whiteville, we have a problem in our court system.
and the Department of Corrections.

                                                      Antone, murder
                                                      Whiteville NC Marquice Alexander Antone
was found guilty of first degree murder and robbery with a dangerous weapon.sentenced to life in jail at our expense and without parole. posted 03/25/2014
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"Presumption of Innocence"
We consider all innocent until proven guilty by law.
God knows and punishes forever.
100 Sex Offenders
Living beside you.

Phillip Wayne Long , Death by
                                    Auto Phillip Wayne Long

age 27 from Whiteville, N.C. has been charged for actions involving a fatal wreck that claimed the life of his passenger that accrued November 21

posted November 25, 2013

Antwan Johnson and Derrick Pierce were charged Wednesday while Amanda Kay Canady, 25, from Bolton, was arrested Thursday afternoon for her part in the death of Keisha Ward. January 3, 2013
                                      Scott Brown, robbery Jeffry Scott Brown, 32
accused  of robbing a pizza woman  on main street Tabor City  of $35.00  at knife point .
charged with armed robbery, resisting police,and assault on a government official.

December 16, 2013

Amanda Christine
                                              Calhoun Amanda Christine Calhoun  27, Of Pleasant Plains Church Road, Whiteville, charged on indictments by a grand jury  with accessory after the fact of murder, accessory after the fact of attempted murder, and accessory after the fact of armed robbery.
Tony Carey
                                      Arthur, murder  Tony Carey Arthur, 36, of Whiteville, pleaded to attempted first-degree murder,possession of a firearm by a felon and assault with a deadly weapon Monday, Nov. 18, in Superior Court and sentenced to 192 to 240 months in prison.
35 Charles Little was attempted to flee from arrest Saturday,October 12 but the Sheriff's SWAT team apprehended him at the Sandy Ridge Apartments .
He is the fourth man arrested for the murder of Lee Travis Wright, age  20

35 Allison Shane Holden, 41 of Will Inman Rd., Tabor City was convicted in May, 1996 of second degree murder.
The state let him out and now he is hurting others. Accused now with assault on a female with Intent to Kill.

Jonathan Ferrel Baldwin attempted to rob He walked into the store demanding money while forcible placing a gun to the chest of a nice lady who worked there. As she was complying  a customer pulled up to the store and the suspect fearing fled away  11/03/13

The  Dangerous Drugs Dealers
Whiteville Daily News
Columbus County - In Home Farmer
                                              drug bust
Columbus County
Sheriff's Offices while executing a search warrant Thursday February 27, 2014 discovery  11 pounds of still illegal marijuana poster February 28, 2014

"Presumption of Innocence"
We considered all innocent until proven guilty by law.
                                      DonaldBattista, drug bust Daniel Donald Battista was charged with trafficking marijuana by manufacturing
trafficking marijuana by possession maintaining a dwelling for controlled substance 11/23/13

                                      Bellamy Whiteville Daily News
Russ Bellamy  is being charged  with trafficking heroin by possession,  heroin by transportation, trafficking heroin by manufacture, maintaining a vehicle for a controlled substance 11/01/2013
Antwan Chestnut Columbus
                                      County Crimes Antwan Chestnut
Loris, SC - crossed state line
possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, maintaining a vehicle for distribution of a controlled substance

28 James Bethea
Alcohol sales
with no permit
Boardman / Evergreen
Possessed   large quantities of alcohol, according to officials on the scene.
His club was no permitted for the alcohol
Marty Lewis, Police Chief
Fair Bluff, N.C.
He  was arrested while inside the town's post office. District Attorney Jon David said , Lewis made a drug transaction Tuesday while in uniform and on duty.

Tamika Packer
Town Clerk
Fair Bluff, N.C.

Has been arrested and  charged with three counts of conspiring to traffic cocaine or heroin.
23 James Scott
Fair Bluff, N.C.

Has been arrested and was charged with conspiring to traffic opium and heroin. He is involved in Marty Lewis Case
Karen Frances Lambert
age 37, From Hallsboro
Arrested For Trafficking
Drugs Types opium/heroin

charged trafficking by possession, transportation and sales in May 2011 to undercover officer.
Amanda Ellarose Oxendine
From Maxton N.C.
Arrested For Trafficking
Drugs Types ; morphine and hydrocodone pills
Charged trafficking by possession, and sales in February 2011
Arrested by Fair Bluff Police

Columbus County's Super Theft

They came from out of state.
Look what happened to them.

The police said  these  men stole nearly 3,000 pieces of jewelry from Pawn USA on South Madison Street in Whiteville by cutting a hole in the roof.

35 Wytisha Ebony Evans
is now accused of filing fraudulent W2 forms to a tax preparer in 2010 and 2011 that contained inflated wages and withholding information.Evans requested tax refunds totaling $17,758 to which she was not entitled.
                                      Whiteville Daily News  Whiteville Police Dept.
This woman is wanted
by the Whiteville Police . She has cashed a  bad check for $8,000 with her one identification at the First Citizens Bank
33 Raymond
                                      Carl Gilbert  Raymond Carl Gilbert,

46 has been arrested by Brunswick County sheriff's detectives June 20,2013 . He has been charged with two counts of embezzlement.
posted June 20-2013

Marcus Crew Rivenbark

was arrested after an alarm went off while wearing a glove with a sledge hammer laying near by the Rieglewood ATM machine Monday.

35  BerkleyLyn Croft, 38,

exploitation of an elder adult by person in position of trust.
Winnabow, Brunswick County
Registered Nurse arrested for allegedly stealing from patient.
July 28-2012
37 Jason Willets
From Columbus County
Accused of  breaking into nearly twenty homes over a two week period.Taking mostly  flat screen televisions
Arrested by deputies with the Columbus County Sheriff's Office  - June 2012
38 Christopher Davis
From Columbus County
Accused of  breaking into nearly twenty homes over a two week period.Taking mostly flat screen televisions
Arrested by deputies with the Columbus County Sheriff's Office - June 2012