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Columbus County,  Safe At Home - PHASE TWO

Columbus County,  Safe At Home - PHASE TWO

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imageKEEPING AMERICA STRONG AND SECURE TODAY IS ALL OUR RESPONSIBLY. We mist stand United in Purpose - Steadfast in Service. Memorial Day, Monday May 25 is a day we need to look into our on hearts and search for ways to create peace among us all.

News Update: May 22, 2020
4 new cases reported TODAY. With a total  of 289

imageMore than half (51.1%) of North Carolina adults are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 because they are 65 or older, have at least one underlying health condition or both, according to data analyzed by the NC Department of Health   It's time to learn more.
 A COVID-19 drive-thru testing site is in the Walmart parking
lot located at  200 Columbus Corners Dr., Whiteville 


Chef and the Frog Community Meal ProgramSPECIAL OFFERS
Free Meals for Columbus County Residents
Owners of The Chef and the Frog, Sokun and Guillaume Slama, and former Whiteville resident, Rick Edwards, announce a plan to help support the food insecure community in Columbus County with Chef prepared meals The Chef and the Frog Community Meal Program  607 S. Madison Street, Whiteville > > > Referance

Columbus County CrimesCrimes of Violence In Columbus County
Much is happening around our county, from high crimes to simple assault. Columbus County Sheriff Dept. and the local Police are our last line of defense. In this world we must learn to safeguard what and who is ours by every means possible and our neighbors as ourselves.     Full  Gallery


Columbus County Crimes GallerySerious Drug Crimes Here At Home
The consumption of underage alcohol, tobacco, and drugs bought off the street here in Columbus County is a major cause of preventable mental illness. Local people going to prison with their most serious offense cost this county extreme expense. The revenue required keeps going through the roof. People imprisoned for their many illicit  drug crimes increased faster than people imprisoned for any other type of crime.   > > > referring page


Columbus County Outdoor LifeTime to go to the Beach, Outdoor Living
Columbus County Outdoors offers the best hunting and fishing anywhere. When you're looking for the latest hunting tips, our outdoor life gallery has a view of it all. In our county there are many local stores catering to all your hunting, fishing or camping needs. Lets take a day off and enjoy a care free day.

Whiteville News, Pet of the weekDogs & Puppies
They keep us company, they help us stay fit and become our best friends for life. It’s no wonder they are considered to be our most faithful companions. The ones that you can truly trust. All dogs are social animals, they thrive on socialization and in families.
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